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Our poster campaign prices are very competitive and we also offer free leaflet distribution with every shop poster campaign. Up to 15,000 to every 1,000 posters

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Your Poster Campaign

We have over 30 years experience of putting up posters UK wide for events and also promoting events ourselves, so we know just how vital good publicity is to the success of an event. A poster campaign from A-Z Poster Distribution will achieve the results you need.

Here at A-Z Poster Distribution we work hard to provide our clients with effective poster campaigns and get the event the results you need. Good poster distribution will sell tickets, bad poster distribution won’t.

We can give advice on the best way to get the most impact out of you posters and leaflets, making sure you get most out of your poster advertising campaign. A-Z Poster Distribution can create poster campaigns for any kind of event. We understand that budgets are different and the capacity often differs from venue to venue so we can put together a poster campaign that is best suited to your needs and budget. We know that every poster in your advertising campaign is important so we will not waste posters with ineffective over fly posting or posting posters in closed shops that are never going to put them up.

Our Poster Distributors

Our poster campaign staff are selected and trained to be polite and jolly, but also persistent with the shopkeepers when trying to get the posters displayed. The professional and polite yet determined attitude of our poster distributors means we get posters displayed where other poster distribution firms using minimum wage kids fail.

Here at A-Z Poster Distribution we are passionate about our poster campaigns and love promoting exciting events in every corner of the UK.

The coverage of our poster campaigns

Here at A-Z Poster Distribution we pride ourselves in doing poster campaigns that completely cover the target area of the event. This means systematically finding every little shop down every back street. We don’t just fill the main streets with tons of fly posting like other UK poster distribution companies, some fly posting can be effective but overdoing is counter productive as the council cleaners will tend to remove legitimate posters placed on the outside of shops even though they have permission. Here at A-Z Poster Distribution we believe that to create the hype an event needs posters should be everywhere and at every turn…THIS MEANS AT THE LOCAL CORNER SHOP AS WELL AS THE HIGH ST.

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