A Poster Advertising Strategy For The 21st Century

21st Century Poster Advertising Poster distribution, QR codes and retargeting Some of our clients are using QR codes very effectively on the posters for their events, combined with retargeting this has become an increasingly effective way of advertising an event. What is a QR Code? Quick Response Codes are a two-dimensional barcode that can be […]


poster distribution map

Our boss Zed has always installed in all of our staff that one of the most important things in any poster campaign is to cover all the bases because it creates the feeling amongst the local community that the event advertised shouldn’t be missed! For many years this has been done using a wealth of […]

Chelsea FC Women

This weekend a few of the staff from A-Z Poster Distribution got down to watch the game between Chelsea Women and Man City Women that we’d advertised with posters and what and exciting game it was with Chelsea coming from behind with two late goals

3F The Law About Fairground and Circus Posters

3f Town and Country planning

3F -The Law About Fairground and Circus Posters Here is 3F the law about fairground and circus posters from the ‘The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007’ SCHEDULE 3 CLASSES OF ADVERTISEMENT FOR WHICH DEEMED CONSENT IS GRANTED Description 3F.  An advertisement relating to the visit of a travelling circus, fair or similar […]

Online Ticket Sales

online ticket sales

We are proud to announce our new service of online ticket sales for any type of event. There will be no upfront fees and we will only charge 3% for the tickets we sell. Your event will be promoted online by us on with optimised Google events and Facebook event adverts including the option of […]

Blu Tac Number Plate

poster distribution blu tack

As we use so much ‘Blue Tack’ one of our poster distribution vans is now the proud owner of this number plate, we use tape as well!  

Circus Billing

Circus Billing Traditional circus billing is a tried and tested way of advertising a Circus. It has been shown over 80% of attendance and ticket sales can be directly related to the advance billing, with the rest coming from other and often more expensive forms of advertising such as radio and newspapers. Most circuses wouldn’t consider […]

Get An Online Presence For Your Event

Is Your Event Online? Here at A-Z poster Distribution we have noticed a massive spike in the searches we get to our website when we put out the posters for an event we have featured on our events calendar, and this got us thinking to how we could use this to the full advantage of our […]

Rose’s Pleasure Parks

For Roses Pleasure Parks the running of fairground attractions is a long-standing tradition. Showmen and fairground owners have been in our families for generations, with the famous Billy Smart a great grandfather. In addition to operating as a travelling funfair, we have for many years provided the fair for the Epsom Derby and at the […]