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Advance Publicity

Advance publicity for events

Advance publicity poster campaigns have a wide and high target market influence, reaching thousands of members of the public daily. When an event uses a high impact poster distribution campaign for its advance publicity the public are bombarded by visual advertisements (posters) for the production/event. In one day a single member of the public may see a hundreds of your posters or even thousands of your posters and of course every single poster might be seen and read by hundreds or even thousands of potential clients.

A-Z Poster Distribution can provide a full range of poster advertising and publicity services including some you probably haven’t thought of! Contact us today to discuss a bespoke publicity campaign for you event.

circus advance publicity

Circus advance publicity


Using posters for advance publicity creates repetitive advertising

Recent research shows that the average lifespan of an advance publicity poster in a shop window is approximately four weeks, in that time thousands of people will have walked by your posters or sat and read your posters. This repetition of visual exposure towards your event’s potential customers created by the publicity campaign creates a hype and a buzz that gives your event the highest chance of being remembered and the event therefore being attended. Careful thought should be put into the graphic design of the poster to make your event’s advertising stand out from the crowd, we can advise you on various ways of doing this to maximise the effectiveness of your publicity campaign.

We offer a full professional advance publicity service for circus and funfairs including shop billing, roadside billboards, school drops, press releases, banners, direction signs, door to door leaflet drops, street promo staff, advance publicity vehicles, banners and site decoration, we can also arrange poster and leaflet printing at competitive prices.


We are a highly experienced and professional poster advertising company, therefore your events poster distribution campaign will usually not include any ‘Fly Posting‘. Our poster distributors will get your poster advertising in shops, posters in restaurants, posters in pubs, posters in garages, posters in offices, posters in community halls and anywhere else our poster distributors can legally display a poster in a with the full permission of the property owner.

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