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Poster Distribution, what is it?

What Is Poster Distribution?

What is poster distribution?…..Poster Distribution is putting posters up around a target area to advertise a product or event. A-Z Poster Distribution specialise in poster advertising campaigns for events but we do occasionally do poster campaigns for causes or products. Poster distribution can be used to advertise many things, it is generally good when advertising events though because of the targeted local advertising it offers and the hype created by repetitive visual exposure to a high impact poster campaign. An example of this is a certain event ; Lets say a fun fair may have done research by asking the public who attend how far they have travelled to attend, from this it can be determined that the target are is a certain radius from the fun fair. From this we can determine the numbers of posters needed to provide an effective poster campaign for said event.


What is a Billing?

‘Billing’ is a slang term for a poster distribution and a ‘biller’  is a poster distributor.


what is poster distribution

Billers advertising a funfair….This is called display billing used to add impact most of the shops have one or two posters but a few like this shop being refurbished have an artistic design used to add impact to the poster campaign