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Your Bespoke Advertising Campaign

Poster campaign can include

Size of poster campaign

We can advise you on the numbers of posters needed for your event’s poster campaign and put an advertising package together to suit your event and budget.

Cost effective advertising

A Poster Campaign is more cost-effective than any other forms of advertising and posters last longer too. With the average lifespan of a poster being around four weeks before it is removed, over this time the posters have an almost constant exposure of your advertising to almost all sections and ages of the public.

Advantages of a poster campaign

Most travelling events companies wouldn’t consider an advertising campaign without their advance poster publicity. Research shows that around 63% of attendance at events comes directly from the advance poster campaign, with the remaining from other forms of advertising which normally costs more!

Poster distribution is not fly posting

Poster distribution is an often wrongly confused with fly posting, however your event’s poster campaign will not include any illegal ‘Fly Posting’, instead our poster distribution campaigns will get your posters in shops, posters in restaurants, posters in pubs, posters in garages, posters in offices, posters in health clubs, posters in community halls and anywhere else we can legally display a poster, our poster distributors will only put a poster up with the permission of the property owner.

Other poster distribution companies

Have you ever used a poster distribution company and then been left frustrated and disappointed when you discover your advertising is being replaced with posters promoting your competitors shows by the same company you paid to put up your posters?…. sound familiar?


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