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3f Town and Country planning

The Law About Putting Up Fairground and Circus Posters

The Law About Putting Up Fairground and Circus Posters SCHEDULE 3 CLASSES OF ADVERTISEMENT FOR WHICH DEEMED CONSENT IS GRANTED Description 3F.  An advertisement relating to the visit of a travelling circus, fair or similar travelling entertainment to any specified place in the locality. Conditions and Limitations 3F.  —   (1) No advertisement may exceed 0.6 square metre in …

Circus Billing

  Circus Billing   Traditional circus billing is a tried and tested way of advertising a Circus. It has been shown over 80% of attendance and ticket sales can be directly related to the advance billing, with the rest coming from other and often more expensive forms of advertising such as radio and newspapers. Most circuses …

Poster Sizes

How big should your event’s posters be? Your event publicity can have a poster campaign using one size of posters or various sized posters, larger posters have more impact but smaller posters often get consent in shops where the larger posters don’t. For the best poster campaign we can distribute various sizes always trying to get the …

Billers for Next Season

Need ‘billers’ for your 2019 season? Bespoke poster campaigns for events A-Z poster distribution work directly with you to tailor make an individual poster campaign for your event. Our poster distribution team will target all important areas and ensure every poster is displayed in the most influential and predominate place. A good poster campaign means …